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Street Racing | Penalties for Street Racing

'Street Racing' is a relatively new offence intended to stop people from organising and participating in 'road races' and 'drag races'.

Police are increasingly using the offence for any kind of racing, including 'unplanned racing' when two vehicles are at a stop sign and allegedly race for a short period of time. 

The offence is serious because it can result in an 'automatic' licence disqualification of 12 months, an 'unlimited' maximum licence disqualification, $3300 fine, criminal conviction and up to 2 years imprisonment.

It can also result in vehicle impounding and, in some cases, permanent confiscation.

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Street Racing - The Law

Section 40(1) Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Act 1999 states that a person must not organise, promote or take part in:

a) any race between vehicles, or

b) any attempt to break any vehicle speed record, or

c) any trial of the speed of a vehicle, or

d) any competitive trial designed to test the skill of any vehicle driver or the reliability or mechanical condition of any vehicle

Unless written approval is obtained from the Commissioner of Police.

Street Racing - Penalties
Street Racing carries the following penalties: <>




Maximum court imposed fine



Maximum gaol term


2 years

Maximum disqualification



Automatic period

12 months

12 months

Vehicle Impounding/ Confiscation

If you are charged with 'Street Racing', police can clamp the vehicle used or order it to be produced at a specified place within 10 days.

If you are found 'guilty' of Street Racing, the Court can order that the vehicle be clamped or impounded.

Where Driver is the Registered Owner of the Vehicle:

- The Court can order that the vehicle is clamped or impounded for 3 months for a first offence, or that it be forefeited to the government and sold or used for crash testing for a second or subsequent offence.

Where Driver is Not the Registered Owner of the Vehicle:

- The Court can issue a 'suspension warning notice' to the registered owner warning him or her that that if the vehicle is used in a second offence the registration may be suspended for 3 months.

If there is a second offence within 5 years, the vehicle's registration may be suspended for 3 months.

If there is a third offence within 5 years, the vehicle may be forfeited to the government and sold or used for crash testing.

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Street Racing

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Street Racing
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