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Sydney Criminal Lawyers is a highly-respected team of exceptional Criminal and Traffic Defence Lawyers, located opposite Sydney's Downing Centre Courts.         

Our Top Defence Team has helped thousands of clients obtain Outstanding Results in Criminal and Driving cases throughout NSW.

Senior Lawyer Guarantee  Criminal and Traffic Lawyers Sydney

We Guarantee that only Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers will work on your case and represent you in Court.

Our Senior Lawyers are amongst the Best in the Profession and work together to ensure that you get the Strongest Defence from start to finish.

So rest assured that you will have Sydney's Best Criminal Defence Team on Your Side.  + Find out more

Criminal and Traffic Lawyers Sydney

Fixed Fees - No hidden costs.

We offer Fixed Fees for many of our services, and a list of our fees is published on this website.

We have 'Fixed Fees for Guilty Pleas'™ - if you wish to plead 'guilty' in the Local Court.

We also have Fixed Fees for many Local Court Defended Hearings - if you wish to plead 'not guilty' and defend the case.

Fixed fees are also available for Appeals, Bail Applications, Prison Visits and many other services. + Find out more

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We offer a Free First Conference with an Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer, who will advise you of the best way forward in your case.+ Find out more

Find out your likely penalties.

If you have been charged with a Criminal or Traffic Offence and you would like to find out what penalties you may face.

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